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Salamis Miracle Abacus  is a modern representation of an ancient art of mental math's. Researches on Brain Sciences reveals that the left brain provides analytical information and is good at dealing with information concerning languages, sound and symbols. And the right brain provides integral information processing and is good at dealing with information concerning shape, space and imagination.
According to our body anatomy our left brain controls the right side of the body and right brain controls left side of the body. Since the right hand is used more often than left hand the right brain function is not so well developed.
Salamis is concept for whole brain development. Salamis uses the ancient tool the “Abacus” for right brain development.
Salamis Miracle Abacus
A globally accepted from a professionally run organization. A modern representation of ancient art of Mental Arithmetic, a concept that originated in Malaysia and now popular all through the world. Concept popular in Japan, Korea, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Australia, US, UK & UAE.
The numbers of centers of Salamis are increasing with every passing day. Aims at development of human intellect through Concentration, Imaging & Memory. Many countries have put this concept in their school curriculum and made it compulsory.
We Have 16 Years long experience of imparting education of ABACUS,VEDIC MATHS and BRAIN TEASER ACTIVITY Program.


Every problem is a gift - without problems we would not grow.


Abacus is a mechanical tool and it handle with boths hand. Using this tool we can do calculation quickly and accurately. Students learn this tool with practicing both hands results in both part of left as well right brain activated.

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Dr.Pawan Pareek

Managing director

Dr Pawan Pareek has 20 years of rich experience of teaching and administration. He has completed his doctrol degree in computer science.

Advocate bhawna pareek

Legal Adviser and Course Coordinator

Adv Bhawna has 16 years of rich experience She has completed his master of law in Double Stream.

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